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Disclosure of Election Financing

What does election funding mean?

According to the Act on a Candidate's Election Funding, election funding means the funding raised to cover the costs of the candidate’s election campaign incurred over a period starting no earlier than six months before the election day and ending no later than two weeks after the election day irrespective of when such costs are paid.

The candidate's election funding may consist of 1) the candidate’s own funds and any loans taken out by the candidate for the campaign, 2) campaign contributions received by the candidate, his or her support group or other entity operating exclusively for the purpose of promoting the candidate and 3) other campaign contributions.

Who needs to file a election funding disclosure?

An election funding disclosure is to be filed by:

1) those elected Members of Parliament in Parliamentary elections and those appointed Deputy Members when the election results are confirmed,

2) those elected Members of the European Parliament and those appointed Deputy Members when the election results are confirmed,

3) parties which have nominated candidates in Presidential elections or representatives of constituency associations or their substitutes and

4) a council member and an alternate member elected in municipal elections.

To which authority are the election funding disclosures sent?

The election funding disclosure must be filed with the National Audit Office of Finland within two months of the confirmation of the election results. Filing of the disclosure can be done by using the form approved by the National Audit Office. More information: www.vaalirahoitusvalvonta.fi (only in Finnish and Swedish).

Compliance with the disclosure obligation is to be overseen by the National Audit Office of Finland.

Advance disclosure

A candidate or a political party nominating a Presidential candidate and the polling representative of a constituency association nominating a candidate may file an advance disclosure with the National Audit Office containing an estimate of campaign funding and costs not earlier than 31 days before the election day.

Published 21.10.2016