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Holding the Election

Elections to the European Parliament are held in the Member States according to their national eection legislation. In addition to this the provisions of the Election Act of the EU (stipulated in 1976, latest amendments in 2002) are followed.

Elections are held every fifth year in every Member State at the same time. The Council of the EU decided that the first elections (in 1979) were to be held in every Member State at the beginning of June beginning on Thursday and ending on Sunday. According to the election statute of the EU the following elections were to be held during the same period, and thus elections have always been held in early June. The Council may, however, unanimously decide to amend this so that the elections are held a month earlier or later. In Finland election day will be Sunday.

Election Day in the Netherlands and in the United Kingdom is Thursday, in Ireland Friday and in Cyprus, Malta, Latvia and Slovakia Saturday. In the Czech Republic, it is possible to vote on both Friday and Saturday. In all other Member States, Election Day is Sunday.

Information about the municipal elections in different languages:

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Inari Sami (pdf, 0.09 Mt)
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Northern Sami (pdf, 0.11 Mt)

English (pdf, 0.01 Mt) Estonian (pdf, 0.01 Mt)Russian (pdf, 0.1 Mt) Somali (pdf, 0.09 Mt)

Published 5.5.2014