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European Elections

The next elections to the European Parliament (European Elections) will be held in all Member States of the European Union in 2014. The elections take place during the four-day election period from 22 to 25 May 2014. Each Member State shall hold the elections during the said period in accordance with its national legislation.

The regular period for holding the elections in 2014 would have been from 5 to 8 June, but as 8 June 2014 coincides with the Pentecost holiday in most of the Member States (including Finland), the Council of the European Union decided that the elections be brought forward to the aforesaid period. Under the EU legislation governing the elections, the Council may decide to move the date of the elections so that it is at most two months earlier or one month later than the period established under the legislation.

A total of 751 members to the European Parliament will be elected in the 28 Member States. The number of members elected in Finland is 13.

Published 21.2.2014