Instructions for voting in advance

1. You need to have your identity card with you at the advance polling station. It is also good if you have the notice of your right to vote (card of information) with you.

2. Present your identity card to the election official who hands you a ballot.

Take the ballot with you and enter a voting booth. Write the number of the candidate you want to vote for on the ballot. Do not write anything else on the ballot! Fold the ballot so that the number cannot be seen.

4. Take the folded ballot with you and go to the election official. The election official will stamp your ballot.

5. Seal the ballot in the brown election envelope the election official has handed to you and give the envelope to the election official.

6. Sign the card of information or the covering letter and give it to the election official.

7. The election official registers in the voting register that you have voted. If the voting register is not in use at the advance polling station the election official writes your name in the list of voters he/she keeps.

8. Finally, the election official seals the election envelope (with the ballot inside) and the card of information or the covering letter you have signed in a covering envelope, which is posted to the central election committee of your municipality.

When the election official has sealed your voting documents in the yellow covering envelope you can leave the advance polling station.

Published 24.1.2018