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Working group to conduct feasibility study on online voting

Published 27.2.2017

The Ministry of Justice has appointed a working group to conduct a feasibility study on the possibilities to introduce online voting in Finland. A parliamentary monitoring group has also been established.

In its strategy session on 24 October 2016, the Government outlined that preparations to introduce electronic voting as an alternative to the traditional voting in all elections will be started.

The working group is tasked with conducting a study on the potential system to be used for online voting in general elections and consultative referendums. The study will, among other things, examine the operating environment, market and data security of online voting, analyse the related risks, and present proposals for further measures.

The purpose of the feasibility study is to produce information that can be used as a basis for decision-making and to define the premises for the possible acquisition of a data system.

The terms of the working group and the monitoring group end on 30 November 2017.

Johanna Suurpää, chair of the working group, Director, Ministry of Justice, tel. 02951 50534
Anneli Salomaa, secretary of the working group, Project Manager, tel. 02951 50164
email: firstname.lastname@om.fi


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