Welcome to the Elections website of the Ministry of Justice!

On this site you can find general information about elections, referendums, political parties and the participation of citizens in general. Also the results of elections and other statistical information relating to elections are published on this web site. This website is intended to provide information to citizens and the media as well as election authorities.

The website is updated by the Election Unit at the Ministry of Justice.


  • Publication of the presidential election results on Election Day. The results of advance voting for the presidential election, to be held on 28 January, will be published soon after the voting closes at 20.00. Read more.

  • Working group: Risks of online voting outweigh its benefits. Online voting should not be introduced in general elections as its risks are greater than its benefits. This is the opinion of the working group that the Ministry of Justice appointed to examine the possibilities to introduce online voting in Finland. Read more.

  • Municipal elections result information on the Elections website at www.vaalit.fi. Preliminary information on the results of the municipal elections will be published on the Elections website on 9 April after 20.00. Read more.

  • Working group to conduct feasibility study on online voting. The Ministry of Justice has appointed a working group to conduct a feasibility study on the possibilities to introduce online voting in Finland. A parliamentary monitoring group has also been established. Read more.

  • Finnish Government: Introduction of internet voting set as goal. In its strategy session on Monday 24 October 2016, the Government of Finland outlined that electronic voting will be introduced in Finland as an alternative to the traditional voting in all elections. Read more.

  • The health and social services reform aims to establish autonomous counties whose county councils would be chosen by elections. The Election Act will prescribe on the county elections. The first county elections would be held in connection with the 2018 presidential election. The election day would be Sunday, 28 January 2018. In 2021 and thereafter, the county elections will be held in April simultaneously with the municipal elections. Read more.

  • Working group proposes: Four-year experiment with internet voting in municipal referenda. The working group for internet voting proposes to the ministerial working group on public administration and regional development that an experiment with internet voting is carried out in connection with consultative municipal referenda. According to the proposal, the experiment would be carried out in connection with the advance voting in municipal referenda during a fixed-term of four years. The experiment is estimated to take place during the years 2016-2020. Read more.

Published 6.2.2018