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Welcome to the Elections website of the Ministry of Justice!

On this site you can find general information about elections, referendums, political parties and the participation of citizens in general. Also the results of elections and other statistical information relating to elections are published on this web site. This website is intended to provide information to citizens and the media as well as election authorities.

The website is updated by the Election Unit at the Ministry of Justice.

Municipal Elections on 9 April 2017. In Finland, the election day is Sunday 9 April 2017, and the advance voting between 29 Mars and 4 April and abroad between 29 Mars and 1 April 2017.
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  • Working group proposes: Four-year experiment with internet voting in municipal referenda. The working group for internet voting proposes to the ministerial working group on public administration and regional development that an experiment with internet voting is carried out in connection with consultative municipal referenda. According to the proposal, the experiment would be carried out in connection with the advance voting in municipal referenda during a fixed-term of four years. The experiment is estimated to take place during the years 2016-2020. Read more.

  • Result information on the Elections website at Read more.

  • A total of 2,146 candidates in Parliamentary elections 2015. Altogether 2,146 candidates were nominated for the 2015 Parliamentary elections, which is 169 fewer than in the previous Parliamentary elections. Read more.

  • Electoral management bodies from 26 countries convene in Helsinki. Around one hundred electoral management authorities from 26 countries convene at a Conference in Helsinki on 26-27 June. The theme of the Conference is combating the misuse of administrative resources, for instance during electoral processes. Read more.

Published 12.8.2016